Influenza Virus Mashup

Influenza Virus Mashup

[Avian Flu Diary] Referral: Virology Blog & TWiV TV

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Sharp eyed visitors to this blog have probably noticed that recently I added the always interesting Virology Blog by Professor Vincent Racaniello to my sidebar.  


There you will find fascinating essays on a variety of subjects related to virology.  My thanks to Crof at Crofsblog for turning me onto this terrific resource.


Recent blogs include:


US to redirect $1 billion to study adjuvant for influenza vaccine TWiV 33: Live in Philly WHO will redefine pandemic Adults have cross-reactive antibodies to A/California/04/2009 (H1N1) Viruses and the respiratory tract Why don’t DNA based organisms discard error repair? Assembly of influenza virus



For somewhat over six months, Professor Racaniello has been conducting a weekly videotaped panel discussion of the latest news, and studies, of interest to virologists and other scientists.


At the urging of a good friend (thanks Indigo girl), I took an hour today to watch the latest edition (episode #33), and I’m glad I did. 


This is a fascinating hour, which covered everything from  CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and its possible role in hypertension, to the West Nile Virus, to Swine flu.  The panelists also take questions from a live audience and from the Internet.


TWiV: This Week In Virology

TWiV 33: Live in Philly video




Now, the only problem is I have roughly 32 hours of videos to catch up with.


To catch up go to


Highly recommended for disease geeks everywhere.

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